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Back Bender


This specially developed lightwood back bender has so many uses for a wide variety of poses and stretches. It is the perfect remedy to counteract a hunched back, improve forward shoulder alignment, and alleviate tight upper back muscles which cause a less natural S-curve on your spine. Use of the back bender will counteract poor posture and bring back a natural, healthy posture. The back bender helps in the tractioning of your spine without stressing the joints.

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  • • Safe forward and back bends
  • • Stretches chest, shoulders, pelvic and abdominal muscles
  • • Useful in relieving sciatica pain
  • • Helps counteract hunchback
  • • Helps relieve back pain
  • • Helps increase flexibility
  • • Improves the degree of arching to suit an individuals’ needs



  • • Wipe down with a soft cloth to prevent scratching the wood
  • • If needed, put a dab of polish surface on the soft cloth and wipe down
  • • Do not store in areas with fluctuating temperatures, such as an unfinished basement, outside storage or porch. This causes changes in the texture of the wood or wood shrinkage.

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