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Bolster (6" Height)


A Guru Yoga Products favorite! Stretches are completed correctly with this rectangular Yoga Bolster. It helps the body release heavy tension from a busy day and allow one to restore inner energy and clear the mind. Find inner peace and tranquility each day with focus and positive energy.The bolster holds just enough softness for comfort, yet firm enough for full support to help any Yoga Practitioner of any level. Easily partake in more challenging positions and get one step closer to refining your practice and achieving the next level of Yoga. This shape can be used for Savasana, relaxation, or sitting poses.

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  • • A Restorative favorite
  • • Recommended for daily practice
  • • Excellent for Spinal stretches
  • • Ideal prop for back bend positions
  • • Provides a helpful lift for forward bends or legs up the wall
  • • Expands the lungs facilitating deeper breathing
  • • Great support for belly, back, hamstring, thighs, and chest


  • SHAPE: Rectangular Cube
  • DIMENSIONS: 26” x 13” x 6.5”
  • THICKNESS:6 inch
  • WEIGHT:2.5 Kg(5.5 lbs)
  • MATERIAL: 100% cotton cover with Natural Cotton Batting Filling
  • • Convenient handle for easy repositioning and transport


  • • Remove the outside cover and hand wash separately in cold water
  • • Do not bleach
  • • Use mild detergent
  • • Dry Flat away from sunlight
  • • Do not wring or twist

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