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Eye Pillow

The eyes are the window to the mind. When they are tense, the mind is tense. When they are relaxed, the mind is relaxed. The light-weight, organic flax seed filled pillow combined with soothing lavender allows the cooling to conform to the contours of the face, helping those with sleep difficulties to relax and enjoy a deeper sleep. For others, in meditation, it allows focus for deep inner peace when the mind is still.

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  • • Used in relaxation during Savasana
  • • Helps to relieve
    • o Headaches
    • o Sinus Pressure
    • o Puffy Eyes
  • • The Organic Flax Seed acts as a gentle acupressure for tired facial muscles and tired eyes
  • • Great for travelling to help relax and counter the jetlag
  • • Induces sleep for those with insomnia
  • • Freeze the pillow for cool relief of headaches and reduce swelling
  • • The pillow blocks light allowing the body to get into deeper meditation
  • • Recommended for use with the neck pillow


  • SHAPE: Rectangular Pillow
  • MATERIAL: Cotton Silk, washable
  • WEIGHT: 0.30 Kg (0.66 lbs)
  • FILLING: Organic Flax Seed scented with soothing lavender


• Remove the outside cover and hand wash separately in cold water
• Do not bleach
• Use mild detergent
• Dry Flat away from sunlight
• Do not wring or twist

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