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Pole For Pranayam


This one of a kind Yoga prop is not found anywhere else. Invented by a Yoga Master in India, its intention is to assist students and future Yoga instructors to attain perfect posture to fully benefit from the time and effort of studying and practicing Yoga. He wanted a prop that would instantaneously target the posture needing correction, where instructors have a hard time correcting their students and members. The Pole for Pranayam is placed behind one’s back where the elbows balance the pole. It is meticulously designed, measured and weighted evenly to the perfect size for every body type. An evenly balanced Pole is THE YOGA PROP every Yoga school, retreat, instructor and student should have to help open up the chest and shoulders, while stabilizing the spine. This unique Pole is successfully sold in India and now it is coming to North America.

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  • • Corrects the sitting posture
  • • Corrects the everyday posture allowing one to appear taller, leaner and more self-confident
  • • Use in the Warrior Pose
  • • Use in the Pranayam
  • • Use in conjunction with The Zafu Pillow for meditation so you can focus on your correct breathing rather than posture for effective meditation.
  • • Immediately corrects the "forward" shoulders
  • • Instantaneously brings the shoulder blades together
  • • Lifts the chest especially when you are tired; Allows muscle memory for the shoulders, shoulder blades and chest.


  • MATERIAL: light wood
  • DIMENSIONS: 22” X 1.5” in diameter
  • LENGTH: 22 inch
  • WEIGHT: 0.5 Kg (1.1 lbs)
  • • It was carefully designed, tested, measured and weighted evenly on both sides


  • • Wipe down with a soft clean cloth

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