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Sand Bag


You can spend hours each week practicing Yoga, but the inability to execute the postures correctly leads to the question: Where has all the effort gone? The Sandbag is the answer to multiple Yoga challenges. Enjoy the full benefit of all your stretches and meditation by using the weight of the Sandbag to help put focus on the right muscles, deepen the stretches, increase flexibility and train or re-train your muscles for correct muscle memory. Sandbags are a great addition to any yoga prop collection. The handles are durable and hold the weight of the heavy sand so one can benefit from upper body stretches.

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  • • Helps with flexibility to improve Yoga Practice when used frequently
  • • Used daily can fine-tune fundamental Yoga Postures
  • • Sharpen overall posture-- looking taller and leaner and more confident
  • • Drape on your abdomen
    • • Focus on the muscles used for breathing
    • • Strengthens muscles on the abdomen
  • • Sandbag on underfoot helps in the stretch for hamstring
  • • Stretches your lats, chest, and arms by hanging the sandbag from behind your back
  • • Place over the knees in Yoga practice in seating posture for deeper stretch


  • SHAPE: bag shape
  • DIMENSIONS: 15” x 8.5” x 0.5”
  • WEIGHT: 5 kg (when filled with sand) or 0.15 kg (without the sand) (0.33 lbs)
  • MATERIAL: Denim cover, washable
  • • Add or reduce sand for desired weight
  • • Sturdy carry handle


  • • Remove the outside cover and hand wash separately in cold water
  • • Do not bleach
  • • Use mild detergent
  • • Dry Flat away from sunlight
  • • Do not wring or twist

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