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Yoga Mat (6 mm Thickness)


Let the mat do its job: allowing stabilization while cushioning the hands and feet for a strong foundation. This allows the focus to move toward breathing, then surrendering the body to gravity to deepen into each stretch, and to lengthen the body, feeling taller and more confident both inside and out. Safety, comfort and hygiene are the main reasons why every practitioner must have a Yoga mat.

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Yoga Products Yoga Products


  • • Yoga mats allow support and traction for yoga practice
  • • Prevents unnecessary disruption, such as discomfort or constant slipping and sliding, so one can focus on routine
  • • Cushions spine, hips, hands, elbows, joints and knees on hardwood floors
  • • Allows one to safely stretch and execute different Yoga poses
  • • Light weight and easy to carry



  • • After each practice, wipe down with warm water and baking soda
  • • Hang to dry if mat needs to be submerged in water for deeper and better cleaning

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