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Zafu (Round Shape)


Meditation done right with the Zafu Pillow is heavenly and will help relieve stress. A Zafu Pillow is a traditional Yoga meditation cushion. With the filling being Buckwheat Husk, it gives an immediate posture correction, contouring the buttocks and giving maximum lift to your sit. It takes the pressure off the hips allowing the shoulders to immediately correct themselves, opening up the chest into a more comfortable and better seated posture for deeper breathing in meditation.

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  • • For elevated cross-legged pose on the Zafu
    • • Lengthens spine
    • • Perfect alignment to the spine
    • • Creates a more stable and comfortable position
    • • Less pressure on the lower back.
  • • Helps relax legs and hips
  • • Lift and opens chest and lungs
  • • Correct breathing techniques during meditation
  • • Allows the body and mind to relax, unite and let go of the day’s stress
  • • Great for lotus, half lotus and Burmese-style sitting meditation and Pranayama practice



  • • Remove the outside cover and hand wash separately in cold water
  • • Do not bleach
  • • Use mild detergent
  • • Dry Flat away from sunlight
  • • Do not wring or twist

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